Here at One Green Planet, we love a good animal rescue story. Just recently, we were amazed by the incredible rescue of a dog attacked by acid. There was also that story about the bus driver who broke company rules to allow two stray dogs onto his bus to escape a thunderstorm. Seeing these stories gives us hope that there are plenty of people who see animals as valuable and important members of our society.

And this story is no different. At the age of three, Amy’s son was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, which caused permanent brain damage. Now at the age of 21, her son as the functional intelligence of a first grader. “I’ve fought for my son his whole life– against the medical industry that poisoned him, against the prejudice he has faced– and side-by-side with him, through all the treatments and medical testing, to help him overcome his challenges and thrive the best he can,” Amy said.

Amy and her husband are sheep farmers, with about 70 sheep in their flock and 60 more to be born this spring. Soon the lambs will be sold at market. Recently when a lamb was born a genetic condition, causing him to be born without his front legs, Amy’s view of these animals changed. The lamb, who she named Duck, instantly reminded her of her son and she soon took action to save his life.

Not knowing how to help the lamb, Amy called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a no-kill organization located in Asheville, North Carolina, which has a mission of “Uncompromised Compassion,” valuing the lives of all animals. Usually, Brother Wolf would say no because they don’t want to enable any business that profits from the exploitation of animals, but they couldn’t refuse this sweet little lamb.

“When you have someone in your life like my son, who’s had to endure so much, and never give up; it’s what always gives me hope. And when you see the same in an animal, like Duck here, you just wanna do the same for them,” Amy said

“That morning, when I first saw Duck, just born, laying there with no front legs, my mama instincts took over. I totally fell in love with him and realized that even though he didn’t have legs, he deserved every second of life and all the love we could give him. He’s got so much love to give!” Amy noted of Duck. 

After meeting with Amy and seeing Duck, Brother Wolf decided to take him into their care. Duck will be in a foster home until he is weaned and then he will go to Brother Wolf’s Animal Sanctuary, a space dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. 

Brother Wolf will also ensure Duck has a cart in place of his front legs and, in no time, he will be mobile and able to play. For more cuteness, watch the below video on Duck’s touching story. Thank you, Amy and Brother Wolf!



Although sheep and lambs are not typically raised under the same intensive conditions that other farm animals suffer through, lamb meat is popular with backyard farming. Most of the lambs in this industry are killed before they even reach one year old and sometimes even sooner. What many people don’t realize is that cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, and goats are not, in fact, “stupid” animals who don’t care about their fate. To the contrary, these animals are highly intelligent and experience emotions in a very similar way to humans. Knowing this, it seems absurd that we would continue to subject them to such pain and suffering.

Please help us educate the public about the thousands of less fortunate animals by sharing this post with your friends and family. If you’re interested in donating towards Duck’s care, click here and to stay up to date on his progress, click here. For more information on Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and the life-saving work they do on behalf of animals, check out their website and Facebook page.

Image source: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue