Recently, Second Chance Rescue NYC saved a sweet dog named George, who came to them in a critical condition, with “raging infections on his face, eyes and ears.” He was found on the property of an abandoned house, and his rescuers think he may have been struck in the face, or perhaps attacked by other dogs – either of which would have caused his face to swell.

On seeing him, the Second Chance team were deeply moved by his story, and immediately knew that “we simply could not let this poor dog suffer and sit in a kill shelter.”



They added, “George has been through hell, and while we cannot take away his past, we can make every effort to give George his second chance. … You are in gentle hands now and you will be gregarious George. No one will ever break you down, we are here to build you up. George the Great.”

Although his facial injuries were severe – even life-threatening – Second Chance were determined not to give up on him.


And it looks like their determination has started to pay off already!

On Monday Aug. 17, after George had been with them for a couple of days, the group posted an update to their Facebook page, saying, “We are so pleased to share this news with everyone. Our sweet boy George … is doing well. We are so touched by the outpouring of love and support that all of you have shown George. We are so grateful that we were able to save George just in the nick of time. The doctors were afraid that his infections were left untreated for so long, that he may have developed sepsis. Thankfully he has not, and he has shown improvement already. We are elated that this care is moving in the right direction. He still has a long road ahead of him, but we are behind him 100 percent and we know that you all, our amazing community of supporters are too.”


Sure enough, his facial scars have begun to look a lot less painful than they did before treatment.

Second Chance are now hoping that he can be fostered, with the intention of finding him a perfect forever home when the time is right. You can keep up with his progress on the group’s Facebook page.


Good luck with your new life, George, and let’s hope that all of your scars (physical and emotional) continue to heal.

All image source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs/Facebook