vegan sushi rolls

It’s no secret that animal products like butter and red meat are loaded with saturated fats that can cause diabetes, heart disease and obesity. On the other hand, plant-based unsaturated fats (or healthy fats) found in olive, canola, and other oils, as well as nuts and avocado can actually help combat several diseases and boost the immune system.

No one knew exactly why this happens, until researchers from the University of California, San Diego recently conducted a study, which found that saturated fat literally clogs cell membranes at the molecular level, causing abnormal cell signaling that ultimately throws basic metabolism out of whack. The researchers believe that with a better understanding of why unsaturated fats can have protective effects, doctors may be able to identify more potent EPA-like molecules. These molecules could potentially be delivered in a pill that could help reverse the negative effects of diseases caused by saturated fats.


OR you could stop waiting for a pill and switch to a plant based (vegan) diet that is inherently free of cholesterol, low in saturated fat and full of healthy unsaturated fats!

Vegan Sushi Image Source: Norwichnuts/Flickr