As the parent of four rescue dogs, including a street dog from Costa Rica, Gansito’s story really hit my heart strings! In the first part of this video, you see a dog who has completely lost all hope and is in a severe condition. According to the wonderful folks at Soi Dog Foundation, Gansito’s was “the worst case of neglect,” they had ever seen. The poor pup was so weak she couldn’t stand, she shivered uncontrollably, suffered from a severe eye infection, and developed open sores all over her body from mange. No wonder Gansito gave up, can you imagine?!

Fortunately, Gansito’s story doesn’t end there. Soi Dog Foundation fought for this sweet girl and so did people just like you and me.

If you are interested in adopting Gansito the “miracle dog,” contact [email protected] To learn more about Soi Dog Rescue and their mission to end the suffering of stray dogs and cats, click here.