Wallaby’s are small, furry animals that are found all over Australia, and its surrounding islands. A member of the kangaroo family, these high jumping marsupials have been traditionally hunted for both food and fur, all over the region. However, deforestation has proven to be their biggest enemy, with many animals becoming the victims of ever expanding human activity. Without the work of rescues and other individuals, they would have nowhere else to turn, which was the case when a kindhearted Australian wildlife rehabilitator found an orphaned baby wallaby on their property. After rescuing the little wallaby and caring for her for two years, they released her back into the wild.

Two years later … the wallaby has had a baby of her own and comes back to visit her former caretaker.

wallaby and baby




The funny thing about humans and animals is how similar we are despite our differences. This is especially true when it comes to mothers and the way they behave with their babies. It is a mother’s natural instinct to love and protect their children, but many mothers also delight in showing their babies off to friends and family. So when the adult wallaby returned to the home of her human foster parents for a visit, they were delighted to see her and her new baby! This heartwarming interaction is only one example of how similar animals and people can be – especially when it comes to parenting or animal grandparenting in this case.

Image source: retaboop/Imgur