Can you even imagine what it would be like to live in a cage for 14 years? The pain and frustration you would experience from not being able to move or exercise your own will in any way? It’s enough to drive any living creature to absolute despair. Sadly, this was the life of Nhan Ai the rescued moon bear.

Nhan Ai was kept in a crush cage for the bear bile industry for most of her life. Bear bile is thought to have powerful healing abilities in Traditional Asian Medicine despite the fact that there is little evidence that it is any more effective than taking standard pain relievers. There is also an incredible amount of cruelty in the bear bile industry as the animals are kept in small cages their entire lives and subjected to daily “extractions,” where the bile fluid is drained from their gallbladders.

Luckily, this horrific life is over for Nhan Ai thanks to Animals Asia. Nhan Ai initially had trouble adjusting to her large, open enclosure, but nearly a year after rescue she is loving it! Nhan Ai has finally learned how to have fun and enjoy life. Play on, Nhan!