Delaney the Moon bear was rescued from a bear bile farm. While it might sound ridiculous to a Western audience, bear bile is considered a potent medicine throughout Asia. Today, there are an estimated 12,000 Sun bears and Moon bears living in captivity for the sake of producing bile.

Most bears in bile farms are kept in small cages and have a sharp catheter shoved into their gallbladders to drain their bile fluid on a daily basis. This process is understandably excruciating for the animals and takes both a mental and physical toll on them. Bile bears can be held in captivity for the duration of their lives, forced to experience nothing but pain, starvation, and dehydration day after day.

It is no surprise whatsoever that after years on a bear bile farm, Delaney looks like the happiest bear alive just sitting in his pond and playing with a ball. He was rescued by Animals Asia more than a decade ago and, hopefully, remembers nothing at all from his days on the farm. As the sanctuary reports, Delaney is now known as one of the most playful bears there and “a true gentle giant.”He loves to swim and even organize little sleepovers with his fellow rescued bears!

Bear bile farming is a cruel and senseless practice that has to be stopped.  Click here to visit Animals Asia’s website and learn more about their work rescuing bears and fighting the bile industry.