Elephants are stoic, gentle giants … but baby elephants are known for being quite feisty. Just take little Yindee, the rescued Asian elephant from Elephant Nature Park.

Asian elephants are highly endangered and are often threatened by the Thai tourism trade and poachers, however, Elephant Nature Park provides a safe, sanctuary environment for elephants who have been victims of these horrible practices. The herd of elephants at Elephant Nature Park are free to spend their days entertaining themselves, not humans. But when caught on video, we do end up being pretty entertained by the actions of these happy elephants.


Yindee’s playmates are nowhere to be found at the moment, so he is playing with his new tire-friend. We can’t help but laugh watching this little guy bat the tire back and forth and look surprised every time it comes back to meet him. Apparently, the sight is unusual to more than just a human audience and a herd of nanny elephants come along to check on the little guy. After seeing that he’s okay they go about their business … kids will be kids!