In the arid landscape of Kenya, water is a refuge for humans and animals alike. Thus, the muddy banks of the Ewaso Nyiro river, originating from the base of Mount Kenya, becomes an attraction for resident wildlife. Elephants are among the many animals that seek out the river, and herds often stop by the “watering hole.”

In this video, an elephant family make their way across the muddy waters of the river, after stopping to quench their thirst. However, the rain-swollen water ends up sweeping an elephant calf downstream. Watch as the elephant calf’s mom and auntie take swift action and rescue the washed away baby.

Filmed by an Ol Pejeta Conservancy guest, Sandy Gelderman, will never forget this remarkable experience. Nor will this baby elephant. Elephants are remarkably intelligent and they, like us, will always come to the rescue when a family member’s in deep water (pun intended).