Rescue Dog Leo Loses Leg but Gains a Forever Home!

Leo the Australian Shepard has something special about him. This tri-color dog has a passion for life that radiates off him, hiding the fact that he only has three legs. Even with a rough start, Leo has overcome the hardships to live a full and happy life in his forever home!

Leo’s story began when he was a stray dog. Then in May 2010, at just three years old, he was found in Bakersfield, Calif. He was brought to the Bakersfield Animal Shelter where they learned that he could not walk due to injuries sustained to his front right leg.


He was quickly adopted by the Love 4 Canines private non-profit group.  The group acts as an outreach organization to place dogs from shelters or the street into homes.

According to the Huffington Post, once in the hands of Love 4 Canines, Leo received a more in-depth check-up. Sadly, it was discovered that Leo had suffered greatly in his first few years of life.

Leo had scarring around his neck and all over his body. However, the worst injury was in the leg. Leo had two bullets lodge in his front right leg, which left his leg bone shattered.

Based on the amount of healing, the veterinarian suspects Leo was shot weeks, if not months earlier. With the two bullets still in his leg and pain evident in Leo’s actions, the decision was made to amputate his leg. Leo went into surgery on May 9, 2010.


Just two months after his surgery, Leo found his forever home with Matt and Krista Parker. Not only were they great candidates to be Leo’s guardians but Matt also had experience with a “tripod” dog in the past, giving Leo the extra support he needs in his situation. Leo has made a great recovery since the amputation, sprinting just as fast as other dogs, and just as full of life!

Matt told the Huffington Post that Leo is a “great dog, that is such a sweetheart, a loving, kind soul.”

Check out Love 4 Canines for more information on adopting rescue dogs!