How much is that doggie in the window? Well, a lot more than the price tag suggests. That adorable puppy most likely comes from a puppy mill. A puppy mill is what the ASPCA calls a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that puts profit above the welfare of the dogs. They are fueled by pet shops and the desire to buy a dog versus adopting from a shelter.

The fact that only 20 percent of the 83.3 million dogs in U.S. homes are from shelters leaves a lot of money to be made by puppy mills. This means your decision to not adopt from a shelter, directly supports this very cruel market.


However, the tide is turning on puppy mills as states and even cities like Chicago are contemplating whether to pass legislation to ban puppy mills.

Unfortunately these laws are too late for dogs currently suffering in puppy mills. This is where the National Mill Dog Rescue team steps in. The organization rescues, rehabilitates and finds homes for discarded breeding dogs while also educating the public on the dark and horrible conditions just beyond the cute puppy in the pet store window.

It’s a daunting task to see animals in such horrible conditions but when a video comes out like the one below, your heart melts and your convictions to end this vicious business operation strengthens. It’s sad that these puppies have never seen or touched grass before, but is also so wonderful to know that they finally have the chance to and that their horrible life is now behind them.

The dogs featured in the video below were rescued from the National Mill Dog Rescue, who sent two teams through Kansas and Missouri to save 75 dogs from multiple puppy mill sites. They brought all the dogs back to their home base in Peyton, Colo. on February 16.


The following day, 30 of those dogs were sent south to Arizona Animal Welfare League in Phoenix. It is here where the dogs were able to walk on grass for the very first time! Every puppy deserves to frolic and play in the grass, and not to live out their lives in a cage on a puppy mill.