When Olive came to PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland in February of 2018, she was nothing but skin and bones. She had badly infected pressure sores on her wrists and she was in danger of long-term joint damage on her hock, hip and chest. If that wasn’t bad enough, Olive was severely emaciated and dehydrated. She weighed merely 11 kilograms (barely over 24 pounds) when she should have weighed over 37 pounds. Make no mistake: Olive’s condition didn’t happen overnight. She was left to suffering in this condition for far too long.

PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland refused to give up on Olive. Despite what her previous “guardians” may have thought, she still had life in her and was worth saving.


And good thing PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland or Olive didn’t give up because here she is today! Happy and healthy, Olive is on her way to her forever home thanks to Hayley and Richard Pattrick at Norfolk Greyhound Rescue! 

You are very much loved, sweet girl! 


Way to go, Olive! What a difference just a few months makes. Thanks to PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland’s compassion and diligence, Olive now has a second chance.

If you ever come into contact with an animal in desperate need of help, check out these animal rescue hotlines. Making a quick call to your local rescue could make all the difference. And of course, please, ALWAYS adopt and never shop and encourage your friends and family to do the same!


For more information on PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland, check out their website.

Image Source: PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland/Facebook