payback is hell vegan ad shark

PETA has announced plans to run this ad as part of an outdoor advertising campaign on benches and billboards near the island where a man (C.J. Wickersham) was recently attacked by a shark. The ad implies that the 21 year old man (who had to get 800 stitches to close the flesh over his thigh bone) deserved the attack, because he was spearfishing when it happened.

PETA’s campaign director Ashley Byrne said “We are very glad that Mr. Wickersham is going to be okay, but we do hope that this painful and frightening experience makes him think about the pain and fear that he’s causing to fish — and other fisherman are causing to fish.”


Ella Wickersham, the mother of the victim told that she was not even going to dignify PETA with a response. “It’s not even worth my response. They are over the top. If they don’t want to eat meat and fish, good for them; you can do whatever you want, and I’ll do what I want.”

Do you think this ad will help spread veganism? Has PETA gone too far?