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Avid animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson has written a letter to European Union (E.U.) officials requesting them to honor the deadline which was put in place for a ban on sales of cosmetics that are tested on animals by 2013.

The letter is written on behalf of PETA, following rumors that officials are planning to delay the deadline for years—and perhaps indefinitely.

She writes, “I was distressed to hear from PETA that the European Commission is considering delaying the 2013 deadline to end the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. I hope it’s just a nasty rumor, but if there’s any truth to it, please do right by the European citizens who overwhelmingly support the ban – as well as the thousands of animals affected – by honoring the original deadline.”

“I love cosmetics, but there’s no reason for animals to suffer for lip gloss and eye-liner; those cruel tests are from another era. Today, there are effective and 100 per cent humane non-animal testing methods. We also already know thousands of ingredients that have a long history of safe use. Hundreds of manufacturers have already been using them for years! Please, don’t turn back the clock. This legislation is a huge step forward and sets an example for countries around the world to eliminate animal testing for cosmetics. Please ensure that the ban moves forward without delay.”

Please join Pamela in calling on the European Commission to stick to the 2013 deadline.

Image Source: Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier/Flickr