Great news Green Monsters, we have yet another rescue by the amazing organization Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) to share with you. This time around, the organization was called by a kind man who was in possession of a very young spectacled langur baby named Piak whose mother was killed by a poacher. The man took responsibility for the monkey temporarily and immediately started looking for wildlife organizations to step in and help.

Thankfully, for the man and especially Piak, WFFT will go to unheard of lengths for these endangered monkeys and animals in general.

The crew set out to get Piak and bring him back to be examined and given proper care.

This little guy is just one of the many spectacled langurs who has become a victim of the illegal wildlife trade – an industry that is unfortunately still very popular in Thailand.

In this particular instance, Piak’s mother was shot and killed to be eaten by a poacher, leaving him defenseless.

The poacher claims that he did not realize that the mother was carrying a baby when he shot her down.

It’s probably a good thing the poacher didn’t realize this. Had he noticed that Piak existed, he probably would have been taken and sold into the exotic animal trade.

Thankfully for this youngester, WFFT prevented this from being his fate.

Piak is now at WFFT headquarters, receiving veterinary treatment from their stellar staff.

As of right now, they have determined that he is very weak but have high hopes that he will make a full recovery.


We sure hope he does!


Stories like Piak’s will continue to pop up as long as the illegal wildlife trade remains popular. To help stop this cruel practice, share this article to spread awareness!

All Images Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook