Could it be…some positive news coming out of the Amazon?! We could not be more thrilled to report this fantastic news coming from the WWF and 21 other organizations that 150 MILLION acres of Brazil’s rainforest are now protected under a longterm conservation plan, that’s the size of two Californias! You can almost hear the tropical birds chirping with happiness!

The Amazon region in Brazil has been the victim of every sort of profit-driven environmental assault, from paper production, palm oil plantations, and the overdevelopment of cattle ranges, the tropical rainforest has seen a drastic decline in species over the past few decades.


The new Amazon Region Protected Areas Program (ARPA) covers 15 percent of the Brazilian Amazon, setting a precedent for large-scale biodiversity conservation. The 22 groups that came together to fund this massive operation range from environmental organizations and private donors, illustrating the clear message that preserving the Amazon is in the best interest of every living creature on this planet.

The Amazon is not only home to a countless number of plant and animal species, but it plays an integral role in mitigating carbon emissions and helping to contain the effects of climate change.

For years, the mammoth task of “saving the Amazon” has seemed like a problem far too complex and large to ever make a difference in, but this landmark victory for the Brazilian forest shows that we can make a difference, but a big problem needs big support. This is not to say that the road ahead for this project will be easy or even as effective as initially planned, but it is a start.

We have waited long enough for action, and forward motion is all it takes to set a long string of conservation dominoes into action. As these amazing organizations show, we’re all in this together so it’s time we start acting like it!


Image source: CREES-MANU/Wikipedia Commons