Ok, we all know orangutans are extremely smart, but this video will still leave you in awe. This adorable fellow is determined to make the most of his situation by making himself a comfy hammock to rest in. Look how careful he is ensuring it has just the right amount of space and is tied securely. Honestly, he did a better job than many of us could have!

Seeing how intelligent this orangutan is begs the question: why do we continue to allow these sentient beings to waste away in zoos such as this one? His enclosure looks so barren, empty, cold, and lonely – no wonder he is making a nest, it’s the only comfort he has! He should be out in the wild, socializing with his own kind, making the same nest up in a tree somewhere. It really is a heartbreaking situation knowing he will likely never experience any kind of natural existence.


We all grew up believing that zoos helped animals, that the animals there must have been rescued and can’t be returned to the wild. If only those innocent thoughts were the case! While there may be some instances of this situation, they are actually few and far between. Zoos primarily exist to make money and often either capture their animals from the wild or procure them through captive breeding programs. Life in captivity can never compare to that in the wild and only when people realize the truth about zoos and stop spending their money on these prisons will things change for innocent animals like this one.

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