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More than a year ago, James Cameron’s Game Changers was announced. It’s an exciting documentary directed by Oscar winner Louie Psihoyos about some of the strongest and fastest athletes in the world, who credit much of their strength and health to their plant-based diets! Well now the official trailer is out, and so is the global premiere date.

The producers of this movie include more big names than just Cameron: Jackie Chan, Chris Paul, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic, and Arnold Schwarzenegger who is also seen in the trailer explaining what made him begin eating plant-based.

As the athletes are heard saying in the trailer, protein is always the biggest concern when it comes to eating meat-free. But some of the world’s strongest animals and people have proven that meat is not necessary at all to be strong. They reference oxen and gladiators as two examples. Not only do the athletes say eating plant-based keeps them stronger than ever, but their health has benefitted tremendously.

The documentary will go into detail about how their cholesterol and blood pressure levels have improved since eating plant-based. And for athletes, even more importantly, their performance has been better than ever.

On September 16, there will be a one-night global theatrical event and tickets are already available for purchase. Over 1,000 theaters will be screening the Game Changers. You can also enter to win tickets for the red carpet premiere in Hollywood.

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