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Forget the notion that a vegan diet is only appreciated by hippies and Green Monsters like ourselves- Cory Booker, US Senator of New Jersey recently tweeted that he is joining the other 16 million Americans going veg this year.

U.S. Senator Captivates Twitter Followers Everywhere

Cory Booker on Twitter   I ve decided to try being a vegan   at least until end of year. MT  shannonstewart8 Aren t you a vegetarian

Booker is captivating Twitter followers everywhere as he tweets about his decision and sends inspiring messages about why we should choose a vegan diet in the first place. While some may wonder if his decision is authentic or not, those who know of Booker’s past experiences with a cruelty-free diet will be rest assured that the senator is making the decision to go plant-based not only for his health, but also in hopes of inspiring others to embrace a cruelty-free diet as well. A long time meat-free eater, Booker won’t be celebrating this Thanksgiving with one iota of turkey or ham on his holiday table.

Cory Booker on Twitter   “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Booker has been a vegetarian since 2011, according to Compassion Over Killing’s website, who also recently detailed his choice to go vegan for the remainder of 2014. So what made Booker decide to go vegan during one of the most indulgent times of the year when it comes to rich, holiday foods like turkey, ham, eggnog, and gobs of dairy-packed dishes?

Cory Booker Has Been Embracing a Veg Diet For Years

Since his athletic days at Stanford at age 22 when he went meat-free, Booker has experienced the energizing and other health benefits of a diet with less animal products. Two months ago he began experimenting with a vegan diet and saw how much his energy and performance continued to improve. He also enjoyed that he was eating a kinder, completely cruelty-free diet. So like many who go vegetarian, Booker decided to continue the journey, or “at least until the end of 2014” as Booker put it.

What Now, Senator Booker?

Will the senator continue his journey past the new year? Only time will tell, but regardless, Booker’s decision is a fantastic example for residents of the United States everywhere, even if they don’t agree with his political stances. Any US Senator that decides to take a plunge to embrace a vegan diet within a government that provides so many subsidies to the meat and dairy industry, is phenomenal.

What does Booker’s decision mean for the residents of New Jersey? Nothing specific, just yet. However, Booker does plan to continue to promote cruelty-free campaigns as he has done until now and continue donating the majority of his income to charities that promote a cruelty-free world.

So join Booker and leave the turkey, ham, and meat-based gravy off your table this year. Check out how to have a delicious, hearty vegan Thanksgiving, and be sure to share it with us at One Green Planet on Twitter or Facebook!

Lead Image Source: Compassion Over Killing

Other Image Sources: Twitter