There are a lot of animals out there that need loving forever homes, animals that only want to share their love with caring guardians. These animals often don’t get that chance as roughly 80,000 perfectly healthy animals are put down weekly due to overpopulation and shelter overcrowding. With these odds in place, the chances of a homeless animal with special needs being rescued seem exceptionally dire.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Special needs pets are fantastic additions to the family. While some disabilities are more profound and take a higher level of expertise than others, very often a pet’s abnormality is mostly cosmetic – as is the case of Monty Boy the Cat from Copenhagen, Denmark. Monty Boy was born without a nasal bone and surrendered to a shelter when his previous family found that they had too many cats to care for.

His new caring guardians, who already had two cats at home (one of which sports only three legs), decided that he’d be a great fit for their family and took him in. His appearance may be unique, but he’s just like any other sweet and loving kitty. Their love for Monty Boy sparked a desire in his new people to help other special needs animals by making him a poster boy for how awesome they are!

“We wish for Monty to be an ambassador for “crooked” cats, or cats that may not look perfect in everyone’s eyes,” Monty’s guardian said on his Facebook page. “We also want to raise attention to the fact that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic.”

His page has over 45 thousand followers, so it seems to us that their message is getting out! They’re also selling an entire line of Monty Boy stuff to keep his face out there (and on your tote bag), the proceeds of which will go entirely to the shelter he was rescued from. These pet parents are true Green Monsters, working to help rescue animals one unconventional yet purr-fect pal at a time.


“Yes, I know I’m cute. No, it’s cool, you can tell me anyway.”

While we completely agree on the “pawsome” part, we beg to differ on the assertion that this guy isn’t perfect.

“Please, no flash photography when I’m in my snuggly cocoon.”

And thus concludes our informal study that cats from all walks of life will, upon finding a window, lay in it.

“Cat scratch feverrrr!”

“Hey, welcome to my condo. It’s not huge, but for a second home it’s a nice retreat when I need an alternate napping location.”

“Yeahhhh, we’re running dangerously low on catnip sooooo…”

“Can a cat get a little privacy in his drawer around here? Sheesh!”

“No, no, no this right here is MY human. You get your own!”


All image source: Monty/Facebook