The adorable beagle named Daniel who shocked animal control officers when he walked out of a gas-chamber, wagging his tail has been adopted by a family of four in Nutley, NJ.

Hundreds of people inquired about adopting the miracle dog, but the Dwyers (who have four other dogs) ended up the lucky ones.


Daniel was named after the Biblical character who walked out of a lion’s den unscathed and is fitting in fine with Joe, Geralynn, Joseph and Jenna Dwyer and the other dogs.

Mr Dwyer said he and his family had two ‘meet-and-greets’ with Daniel before being approved for adoption, and the dog has become fast friends with the Nutley family’s other four pooches.

He’s not the first famous dog in the Dwyer home. Joe Dwyer wrote a book about the family’s pitbull, Shelby, who went from an abused animal to a therapy dog used to comfort hospital patients. Shelby is also part of Dwyer’s talks at schools, where he relates bullying to the way pitbulls are pigeonholed as a violent breed.

Daniel may become a therapy dog some day, but the Dwyers say he has a more important mission for now: Putting an end to animal gas chambers. “We can’t deny he has a purpose,” said Joe Dwyer. Gas chambers are still legal in 31 states, according to the Humane Society of the United States.