Homeless dogs are the invisible victims of our society. Despite the fact that dogs are one of the most beloved animals in existence, there are several situations that can land these lovable creatures in a shelter. Sometimes they get lost and are picked up from animal control far away from home, sometimes they are born into feral communities, and sadly, sometimes guardians feel that they can no longer care for their furry friend (or don’t want to) and abandon them. Once at the shelter, it’s all really a matter of luck. Some dogs get adopted a mere week after their arrival, others are forced to wait listlessly, month after month, for a compassionate person to walk through the door and grant them a second chance at life.

Mikey, a resident of the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, for example, has languished in the shelter for a year now, waiting for someone to open their loving home to him. After a year without any scheduled “meet and greets” with prospective adopters, the shelter workers dubbed Mikey “The Invisible Dog.” The workers didn’t just take the issue lying down, though. Instead, they decided to start a Facebook page for the poor pup in hopes of attracting prospective guardians to give the lovable pooch a chance.

Well, it looks like there efforts have not been in vain – Mikey “The Invisible Dog” has officially been adopted! Just look at that smile!

Something about the expression he has while laying on his new bed tells us he’s not going to miss his shelter kennel … at all …

It may have taken a while, but given the fact that five out of every 10 dogs is put down because they didn’t find a forever home in time, we’d say Mikey is definitely one of the lucky ones! 

We’re so glad this happy boy finally found a forever home and can start fresh surrounded with lots of love! 



While yes, pups in a kennel are definitely safer within the confines of a shelter than out on the street, every day they live in loneliness. Seeing the big smile on Mikey’s face when he got picked up from the shelter makes us realize the truly beautiful impact adoption can have on an animal. To learn more about why you should adopt and not shop for pets, click here.

All image source: Magical Mikey: An Invisible Dog/Facebook