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Here’s something we thought that we would never see happen: McDonald’s has released a vegan burger in yet another country. Joining a list of nations like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, you’ll be able to grab a bite of McDonald’s vegan-friendly burger if you happen to be in Norway. When it comes to fast food, there are chains that have put forth the effort to reach out to their vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian customers. Taco Bell is one of the best examples of this. Not only does the Tex-Mex chain make it easier than ever to order a plant-based meal via their mobile app,  where you can add or remove ingredients at will, they even have an online guide that details popular substitutions. If you’re craving a burger, you can go to White Castle, which just added a second vegan burger option to their menu.

Dubbed the “Veggie McSpice,” the fast food giant’s newest addition to their locations across Norway is composed of red kidney beans and a blend of vegetables such as carrots, green peppers, and onion. It comes with cheese, but if you order it without cheese, then you’ll be able to do something that most people in the U.S. can’t do: order a vegan meal at McDonald’s. Of course, if you’re avoiding all animal products, then you’ll want to skip the fries. Unfortunately, McDonald’s fries contain “natural beef flavors,” an ingredient that is made from wheat and milk derivatives. Don’t worry, though — you can pick up an order of vegan fries to-go at Wendy’s.

You can order a vegan Veggie McSpice if you live in Norway — just ask them to hold the cheese.



Finally, it seems like McDonald’s is getting with the times and realizing that their non-meat-eating customers aren’t happy with just a basic salad, apple slices from the kids’ menu, and a giant soda — or that veggie burgers, in general, have been attracting consumers who are not necessarily vegan or vegetarian.

According to the 2017 Protein Alternatives Report by global market research firm Mintel, Millennials are especially open to meat alternatives; 64 percent have tried meatless burgers. Meanwhile, only one in five Millennials has tried a Big Mac.

Whether one is gravitating towards meatless options due to diet, environmental concerns, health, or animal welfare concerns, veggie burgers are no longer a fringe trend. If even McDonald’s gets it, then that’s truly a sign of the time — and hopefully, the Veggie McSpice will make its way to the U.S. After all, with the widespread availability of a chain like McDonald’s, their kidney bean-based patty could be the only affordable vegan option available to some consumers.

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Image source: McDonald’s Norway