Scott Poore from Kansas City dedicates a large part of his life to helping homeless pets in need. His business, Adopt Don’t Shop KC, raises awareness and funds to help pets in shelter via promoting animals and agencies that need support. Because of how much time Poore spends at animals shelters – he volunteers almost every day – he is now well acquainted with the issues and areas that need improvement. And one common theme that he has found is laundry.

“Laundry is a huge problem and it’s every day, all day,” said Kriste Everett, the Director of Foster Care at Great Plains SPCA, as reported by KSHB. To this problem, Poore found a good solution while shopping at IKEA one day, as he saw a big display of bath mats.

The products were both very affordable and comfortable – and, being bath mats, they were also naturally absorbent and possible to machine wash. Poore immediately had an idea to use the mats in shelters, replacing all the sheets, towels, blankets, and other things that would get torn and worn out.

To make this idea into reality, Poore launched a GoFundMe page – with an initial goal to raise money to get mats for every shelter pet in Kansas City metro. In just days, he raised over $7,500 – IKEA donated $3,000 as well!

The plan was a huge success and the mats were an obvious upgrade for the animals. “Why stop now?” Poore said. “This is such an amazing thing. These homeless pets have very little to look forward to and a lot of them come from living on the streets. They deserve comfort. I want to grow this for Kansas, Missouri and maybe beyond.”

Moreover, as Everett pointed out, the use of the bath mats could cut the shelter’s laundry time in half – which makes more time for volunteers to actually spend with animals.

The mats will now be picked up by Poore and delivered to the local shelters. But this is not at all the end of the mission – his goal now is to expand the idea to every shelter in Kansas and Missouri. “This isn’t about me. This is a team effort,” he said. “This is Kansas City coming together to help this cause. It may not seem like a lot to some people, but this is everything to these animals.”

To make a donation to help buy mats for shelter animals, click here.

Image source: Scott Poore/GoFundMe