Earlier this year, a massive flood devastated an area of Eastern Russia almost as large as Texas and California combined. An act of loyalty at The Andreev family home in the Amur region spurred rescue efforts and united the citizens to remain hopeful in the time of crisis.

According to The Siberian Times, the Andreev’s dog, Druzhok (meaning ‘Little Friend’) escaped with the Andreevs when the village of Vladimirovka was flooded suddenly. The family had to seek shelter where Druzhok was not permitted, and so they sadly had to leave him outside with their truck at a neighbors house that was not yet flooded.

They checked on him each day, but, “On the third day, we came in the morning but Druzhok was not there. We rushed to look for him, then took a boat and sailed to our flooded house. We heard him barking there. Then we saw some rescuers sailing toward us. ‘Is it your dog?’ they asked. ‘He won’t  allow us into the house and refuses to let us take him to safety’. Elena said the four-year-old dog had swum back at night, perhaps thinking his family – the couple lives with their son, daughter, and granddaughter – had returned and needed guarding.”

After the stress of this ordeal, the couple was able to move to an area that they could bring Druzhok as well, see the touching story below!

Druzhok guards the door of the Andreev’s home

He sees the family approaching…

…and swims over to them!

Druzhok is safely inside the rescue boat.

Finally, safe and sound on dry land! One happy dog!

All Images Credit: The Siberian Times