This beautiful lioness, Simona, is having a blast with her new toy. But her life wasn’t always all fun and games. Before arriving at the FOUR PAWS‘s Big Cat Sanctuary, LIONSROCK, Simona lived a miserable life in captivity. She was used as a tourist attraction in Bulgaria, which meant she was locked in a tiny cage for most of her life. According to Four Paws, private ownership of big cats and primates has been illegal in Bulgaria since 2008.

Fortunately, the folks at Four Paws saved her from this cruel life in captivity. Now, this lucky lioness can live out her life happily and freely at the sanctuary! We’re so thankful that groups like Four Paws are doing the hard work of making sure animals no longer have to suffer in captivity. Now, Simona spends her days relaxing in the African sunshine and entertaining herself – not humans.


We can all help animals like Simona by refusing to visit zoos, circuses or any other facility that holds wild animals captive. Share this article and inspire others to take action. It’s up to us to keep wild animals … well, wild.

Learn more about FOUR PAWS by visiting their website and find out how you can volunteer or donate to help their mission.