Life in a puppy mill is not something that any dog should have to experience. These large-scale breeding facilities hold hundreds of dogs in deplorable conditions where they are treated like puppy-producing machines. Adult dogs spend their entire lives in their own filth, given little to no medical care or attention. The puppies are sent to pets stores shortly after birth and their sale only goes back to fund the further abuse of their parents. This is a truly horrible practice, yet because of the public’s lack of awareness, puppy mills continue to exist in the U.S.

Lily, the Bulldog featured in this video, was born into a puppy mill and spent the majority of her life in cruel and abusive conditions. However, thanks to the intervention of the Humane Society of the United States, Lily and 50 other dogs were saved from this life.


Although Lily lost one of her eyes because of the negligence of the puppy mill owners, she never lost her incredible heart and spirit. After rescue, it did not take long for Lily to win over the heart of Lori Shore-Smith, who happily adopted the small dog. Now Lily is finally getting the love and care that she had been deprived of her entire life in a puppy mill.

Seeing this little pup’s smiling face is sure to warm your heart! Enjoy your new life, Lily!