When a culinary student began working on a family farm to learn more about animal rearing and slaughter, his eyes opened up about the reality of how animals are treated in the meat industry – even small farms that are usually thought of to be more humane. He was able to convince the farmer to let Lexi, the runt of a litter of piglets, continue living instead of turning her into bacon if he could find someone to take her in. That’s where our friends, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary came in!

They gave Lexi a safe new home where she can enjoy all the simple pleasures of a pig’s life. Ever since being saved and brought to her new home, she has been such a lively little pig whose energy just cannot be contained. Look at her go in this video! As far as Lexi’s concerned, every time is playtime. There’s a lesson we could all learn from her, that’s for sure.


A big thank you again to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary for giving Lexi a wonderful new home! We know she’s incredibly grateful for it, too!