While there is an enormous stray dog issue in the U.S., it is especially pertinent in the state of Texas. In Houston alone, there are an estimated 1.5 million stray dogs roaming the streets. Some of these animals were born into feral colonies while others are abandoned pets who have been forced to live on their own. However, all of these dogs share the common need for a warm bed and a good source of food and love.

Many kind people are stepping up for these homeless dogs and saving them from the streets, either by taking them into rescue shelters or making them members of their own families. Shelby Corker is one such kind person.


When Shelby found an underweight dog wandering the streets of Ft. Worth, TX, her heart immediately went out to her. With no tag, collar or microchip, the pup appeared to have never known the love of a family.


Shelby immediately took the poor animal to the vet, where it was discovered that the dog was suffering from malnutrition, yeast infections in both ears, a polyp over her eye and a skin infection caused by a flea infestation. It was clear that she had been neglected for quite some time.  After writing a report, the vet staff took the dog to the Ft. Worth Animal Control Center to recover.

Shortly afterwards, Shelby was contacted by a stranger who claimed to be the dog’s owner, however, she wasn’t convinced and refused to tell them where the pup had gone. Unfortunately, this person then filed a report with the police claiming Shelby had stolen their dog. Regardless of the letter from a vet that detailed the state of the dog’s condition, the police department refused to believe this person had abused the dog and stepped in to reclaim the animal from Shelby.


On October 22, 2015, five police officers arrested Shelby Corker for trying to help a dog and handed the animal back to its neglectful owner!

Not only is this a gross act of injustice against the woman who had stepped in to rescue the ailing dog, but it means that the cruel human who had let the pup get into such a horrific state is now in custody of this innocent pup once again.

Shelby is currently being represented by Joshua Graham and Associates, PLLC, who had the following to say about the case: “Of all the bad people that we could be spending our efforts on, its a shame that so much went into taking down a little girl trying to save a puppy. Shameful.”

There has been an enormous outpouring of support for Shelby across social media with people using #StandWithShelby.  If you would like to learn more or support Shelby Corker, click here.


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All image source: Imgur