As animal lovers, there is nothing that gets our hearts racing like the sight of an animal in need. No matter what we’re doing, if we’re already late for work, have an important call to make or really anything, we will drop it all to stop and lend a hand. It’s just what we do!

Which is why we can completely sympathize with Imgur user Honeyflowers.


Honeyflowers was out walking when they spotted this…


Clearly, this scene looks terrible. The cat must have been hit by a car in the parking lot and is in desperate need of medical attention. Honeyflowers rushed over.


…Only to find that the poor, injured cat was really just lying on top of dried red paint splatters. In typical cat fashion, he seemed more upset that he had been woken up from his nap than the apparent panic in the human before him.


Yes, the cat was very much alive. But hey, we totally would have done the exact same thing!

“Wellp, looks like I’m gonna need a new snooze spot…”



All image source: Honeyflowers/Imgur