Animal control officers featured on an Animal Planet series rescued a group of nine ducklings stuck in a storm drain before reuniting them with their mother, who watched the whole situation from afar.

According to the video, residents of the community heard the ducklings’ little peeps coming from at least three storm drains on their street and called the police to see what could be done. Two animal control officers went to all three storm drains where the ducklings were heard, and after some intense creative-netting tactics, were able to unite all the little ones with their mother at a local pond.


Incidents like this happen fairly often to baby wildlife in cities and suburbs. Local news outlets all over the country are full of stories like this one, and storm drains are not the only danger to ducky families. Busy streets and highways, pollution caused by industrial society and feral cats all pose a threat to ducks in cities and suburbs. There are things we can do to help ducks in the places where we live, however.

Netting or gating off busy streets or highways so that ducks can’t cross and notifying the proper authorities when a duck or ducklings are in danger are all things we can do to help these amazing and precious animals. No matter what, there is always something we can do to make a difference for animals in our community, both domesticated and wild!