At 44 years old, Jennifer Lopez is as stunning and radiant as ever. What’s her secret? Well, as of now it’s her vegan diet.

Yes, that is right, Jenny from the block has officially given up meat, dairy, eggs and all other animal derived products and she is absolutely loving it. Since making the switch to a vegan diet, Lopez remarks that she has a ton of new found energy and would indefinitely recommend going vegan, “because you wake up and you feel great!”

While vegan diets often get the bad rap as being a “trend” or a contrived scheme to lose weight, Lopez illustrates that this is certainly not the case (not that you Green Monsters needed any convincing of that fact). Lopez experimented with vegetarianism in the past, but she shows no signs of stopping with her vegan diet, although she does miss butter.

But, of course, as perfect as Jennifer Lopez may be, we all have our vices. Lucky for her she is not the first vegan convert to miss butter and there are tons of amazing plant-based replacements available to her. I’m sure in a few weeks the starlit will hardly miss butter at all!

Image source: Ana Carolina Kley Vita/Wikipedia Commons