You knew this day was coming — the day when the Internet would not be able to contain any more photos and videos of adorable cats and kittens. We have officially run out of space on the Internet for cats, because this video says so.

Just kidding! While sharing adorable images and information about our kitties might be on overload online, there really is enough space for all the cats. Unfortunately, in off-line real life, that is not the case. Animal rescue shelters all over the United States receive 3.4 million cats a year from people who can’t take care of them anymore, and many of them are kittens from mamma cats who never got fixed. These cats don’t have the chance to find a forever home, and at many shelters who simply lack the space to care for all of them, some of the cats have to be put down to make space for more.


There is something you can do to change this, however, the ASPCA and other animal rescue shelters all over the country have cats that are ready and waiting to be adopted or fostered. Whenever you’re ready for a new critter in your life, the best thing you can possibly do is adopt a sweet little ball of purrs who needs a new home. You will be saving a life — and creating space at the shelter for another cat.