Horses and cows are in no way natural enemies. Both are herbivores with no hunting instincts who spend hours a day quietly grazing grassy fields and chewing their cud. However, cattle ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) want everyone to think otherwise.

As the above video explains, cattle ranchers and the BLM want people to believe that wild horses must be rounded up and sent to holding facilities and slaughterhouses because they pose a threat to livestock cattle who are allowed to roam public lands. Not only are ranches invading public lands that the horses rightfully reside on, but the government-funded culling of wild horses is leading to the extinction of our icon of freedom of the Wild West.

The video posted by Heber Wild Horses, a wild horse advocacy group in Arizona, reveals just what cattle ranchers and the BLM do not want you to see – that wild horses and cattle peacefully coexist, even when forced to share natural resources like a watering hole. This awesome video debunks all the arguments from ranchers and the BLM that wrongfully say wild horses pose a danger to livestock.

Many animal rights advocates and horse lovers are tirelessly fighting to save our wild horses from unnecessary slaughter and extinction. A petition on Care2 explains that the BLM plans to send 92,000 wild horses and burros to slaughter under the 2018 budget. If you are outraged this vile practice continues to go on, please take a moment to sign this petition and urge your representatives to stand up for and protect our wild horses.

Many people are entirely unaware our wild horses are being culled and slaughtered for cattle ranches, so PLEASE share this with your network to gain more support for this very important cause.