We absolutely love when children demonstrate kindness and compassion toward animals, and this video of an adorable young girl reading a bedtime story about cows to a pair of cows has us smiling from ear to ear!

With such heartfelt sincerity and innocence, the little girl sits down with the yawning cows in their stable, determined to read them a bedtime story. Flipping through the pages of the storybook, she tries her best to sound out words she is not quite sure of and then turns the book toward the cows to show them the illustrations. The cows are receptive to the sweet child’s kindness and nuzzle and kiss her, proving just how gentle these giants are.

The future for animals looks bright with genuine people like this little girl leading the way. If you have fallen in love with this sweet video as much as we have, please share it with your friends and family as a reminder why we should teach children to be compassionate toward animals.