We can’t even describe to you how happy this next rescue makes us! This poor pup was in so much pain and anguish he had literally given up after life on the streets had taken a toll on his body and his spirit. Thankfully, someone made the life-saving call to Animals Aid Unlimited and gave this sweet boy a second chance — he just didn’t know it yet.

Once rescuers arrived at the location, they found the small puppy hiding in a bag. He was scared, tired, and in so much pain that he cried out every time rescuers attempted to move him. They were able to coax him out with a few dog biscuits, and clearly, his hunger outweighed everything else – a sad but helpful fact.


Back at the shelter, he was treated for pain, mange, and a deep gash on his hip. As with most things, time helps heal wounds, and for this little dog named Jumper, that was all he needed. Six weeks after his rescue, you can see just how well his new name fits him (and check out that gorgeous coat of fur)! He now gets to jump and wiggle all over the place, just as all puppies should!

If Jumper’s rescue brought a smile to your face, consider donating to Animals Aid Unlimited to change the life for more abused, neglected, and abandoned street animals in India. Click here to donate today!