While every country has its own set of hurdles to overcome, some countries have proved to be more ambitious than others in taking the lead on issues rarely in consideration elsewhere. India, for instance, is really pushing the envelope on animal testing issues, beating out the U.S. and other leading countries in this realm.

In June 2013, India announced its ban on cosmetics animal testing, following similar bans in the European Union and Israel. Then, in December 2013, India moved to expand the ban to all imported cosmetics as well.

Just a month later, in January 2014, India became the second country in the world to end animal testing for household products. Awesome, right?!

And now — drum roll please – India is taking a another fantastic step in the name of animal protection!

India’s Drug Controller General and head of the Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), Dr. G.N. Singh, recently stated that he is seriously considering “modernizing India’s pharmaceutical safety assessment by replacing old-fashioned animal testing with modern non-animal alternatives,” as Humane Society International reports.


According to PharmaBiz, the drug controller’s office “is working very hard with the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) to replace some of the existing monographs with the alternative modern methods which includes sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues known as ‘in vitro’ methods. While serious thought is also given to adopt advanced computer-modeling techniques referred to as in silico models, and studies with human volunteers.”

Now, that’s what we like to hear!

With the CDSCO dedicating 2014 to “human safety and animal safety,” an end to animal testing may really be in sight!

“We envision to protect the lives of all the living beings in the country and for that all steps will be taken pro-actively to enhance good governance by strengthening regulatory mechanism further,” said Dr. G.N. Singh. “We understand that experiments on animals are unethical and cruel and we are going to make sure that all steps are being taken to avoid cruelty against animals.”

Doesn’t that just make you want to do a little happy dance?

While animal testing replacements are still in the consideration phase, with leadership like this in India, we can surely look forward to watching this marvelous progress unfold.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons