The brutality of the whaling industry is the stuff of legends – but it happens all the time. The most recent episode in the bloody saga took place on January 15th, 2017 off the coast of Australia.

Sea Shepherd, a group fighting against the industries that exploit and slaughter cetaceans, got word that an illegal whaling vessel was hunting in the protected waters of the Australian Arctic, which is a sanctuary for whales. The Sea Shepherd crew came upon the Nisshin Maru whaling vessel in the Australia’s Southern Whale Sanctuary – the ship’s deck was already slicked with blood and the poachers scurried to cover up the body of a dead mink whale.


Thankfully, Sea Shepherd’s fleet of activists was able to capture these illegal acts on film and are currently seeking justice, but they need our help.

According to a petition on Care2, over the past year, Japanese whalers have illegally slaughtered  333 minke whales and 200 of them were pregnant.  The Australian government fined whalers $1 million AUD in 2015 but these fines have gone unpaid. Meanwhile, the illegal whaling industry slaughters 16,000 whales every year and these poachers will not stop unless we do something to make them.

Add your voice to thousands of others by signing this petition that demands the Australian government takes legal action against these poachers.

Our collective voices can provide the pressure that will effectively end this barbaric industry. To learn more about the evils of the illegal whaling industry, read this article. You can also help protect whales by donating to Sea Shepherd so that they can continue to fight for whales on the high seas.

Image source: Antero Topp/Shutterstock