Do you remember how amazing spending time outside was when you were a kid? From chasing fireflies to digging up mud pits and exploring the “wilderness” of your backyard, time spent outdoors was never time wasted. Sadly, today the importance of getting outside and experiencing nature is easily overshadowed by the various forms of technology that children have access to. Between cell phones, TV, laptops, and iPads, kids can spend the entire day glued to a screen and never be “bored.” But what do they miss when they choose to an iPhone over a treehouse?

As Andre Morris, the history teacher featured in this video, explains, they miss the understanding of how to interact with nature. If we don’t give kids the tools and knowledge they need to appreciate insects like cicadas, they will only ever see them as “pests” and not value the role these little bugs play in the ecosystem. It might not seem like “vital” knowledge that a kid needs to know – but it really is.


When we are disconnected from the world around us, we are less likely to stand up and protect it for future generations to come. By teaching kids to love nature, they will grow up knowing how to live in harmony with the natural world. Now that’s a lesson worth learning, isn’t it?