Since the first model was released back in 2005, GoPro cameras have been bringing the world amazing footage of our wild lands and wild friends (and even an adorable group of dogs moving in slo-mo).

In high-definition, these personal cameras unfold life’s extraordinary moments without interruption, making them come alive in whole new ways.

Take for instance, the recent footage below, featuring a man sitting in a Sumatra forest, strumming along on a ukulele. In no time, a curious orangutan swings in for a visit – more interested in the ukulele than the man himself.

“What is this? What is this sound?” the orangutan might have wondered.

The animal is not satisfied with just a pluck of string that the man offers, and instead takes things into his own hands to investigate further — literally.

Teeth to strings, he realizes the ukulele cannot be eaten like this, but perhaps—oh, just maybe—something delicious is inside? Did this orangutan find what he was searching for? Find out what happened in GoPro’s newest video below!

Image source: Rodrigo Quezada / Flickr