Pit bulls are often misunderstood, but they are undeniably loyal companies – some have even been known to protect their guardians in dire situations.

One of these amazing pit bulls is brave Mercey of Edmonton, Canada, who recently saved her guardian from a violent machete attack.

Last Tuesday, a group of four men broke into the home of Mercey’s guardian, and after an argument broke out, one of the men attacked her with a machete.

Before severe injuries were dealt, four-year-old Mercey stepped in, jumping up and sacrificing herself to protect her beloved guardian.

“I don’t know where this assault would have ended, but I think the assault on her was effectively stopped by the dog,” said Edmonton Police Staff Sgt. Randy Wickins to Calgary Sun.

Mercey was rushed to Edmonton’s emergency veterinary clinic, suffering from two major life-threatening injuries. Since her guardian could not afford the $400 surgery, the kindhearted downtown division of the Edmonton Police stepped in to foot the bill.

“The severity of the blows, they could very easily have fractured [Mercey’s] spine. I think the intent was there, likely, to do that,” said emergency vet Brent Jackson to Calgary Sun. “Fortunately, she’s a strong enough dog and a tough enough dog that that didn’t happen.”

Brave Mercey is expected to make a full recovery and will return home soon to be with her guardian.

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Image source: CTV News