Did you know that seals and dogs actually have a lot in common? They’re both very social, they bark, and they’re also fantastic swimmers. In addition to these similarities, seals also share their incredible curiosity with dogs.

So, when a group of seals comes across a strange floating board with a funny looking animal (aka, human) on top, we wouldn’t expect anything less than a precious seal investigation!


In this video, a pack of curious seals try their flippers at surfing … but seem to fall short on the whole getting on top of the board thing. Sure, seals are great swimmers, so you think they’d be naturally talented at water sports like surfing right? Well, as this hilarious group proves, it’s not that easy. Surfing requires a whole lot of practice and extremely good balance, so we’ll have to cut these little ones some slack.

Remember, if you ever come across seals in the wild, it’s always best to try and keep your distance and not attempt to interact with them unless it is on their terms. Like dogs, seals can startle easy and might be quick to snap or bite if they feel threatened. The best way to ensure the safety of all parties involved is to kick back and observe – like the guy in this video.