In a YouTube video posted on March 25, a sweet blue-eyed puppy was seen trapped in a Romanian canal, whimpering and jumping in the freezing water of the Somes Mic river as it tried to scale an impossibly high wall. Left to its own devices, the pup would have surely drowned.

What a relief when a couple of unknown fishermen came to the rescue, lifting the frightened pup by the scruff of the neck to calm it as mother dogs do, then carrying it to safe, dry ground. The specific details surrounding the video remain unclear, but the pup was very lucky that these men were around at the right time and knew how to handle the situation.


The grateful and fortunate pup understood the miraculous circumstances surrounding her survival, and thanked her rescuers with a generous show of joy and affection. Research published last October proved that dogs experience the same deep, positive emotions as humans, but any dog lover will tell you they never needed a study to know that.

We are still unsure where the puppy ended up once the camera stopped rolling, and look forward to further details surrounding this wonderful rescue story.