“If they get all the fish, then they won’t have any more fish in the ocean … and then the sharks will die.” These wise words from the little girl in this video. She may be young, but she sure knows what’s up. So, what happens if the sharks die? “That won’t be nice,” according to this little one. No, it certainly wouldn’t be. As large-scale predators, sharks play an integral role in their ecosystems. A decrease in sharks causes the population of marine animals who live off of sea grass and other vegetation to rise which robs ocean ecosystems of life-giving oxygen. Low oxygen not only kills marine life, but it also puts us in trouble, because the oceans provide us with 70 percent of our oxygen.

This little girl’s words of wisdom come to us at a time where our ocean ecosystems are set to collapse by the year 2025, so we could all stand to follow her lead and eat a few more mangoes and a lot less fish.


Knowing how important the oceans are to our very existence, things might seem hopeless, but we can still fight for a better future for us, all the creatures of the ocean, and our planet. By reducing our consumption of seafood, we can work towards a future where fish still swim in our oceans. She might only be four-years-old but she’s got a lot of natural born wisdom – to learn more about how you can help the oceans with your diet, check out One Green Planet’s #EatForThePlanet campaign.