A number of mice and rats used in experiments were recently liberated from a lab in Italy. According to Italian law, animals used in experimentation are encouraged to be released and then adopted out. Photographer Rachele Totaro, was there when the little ones were released from the lab … and the photos are breathtaking.

The photos were shared by PETA Latino and show how some of the rats were curious and wanted to explore. 


While some were perfectly content with being snuggled. 

Others, understandably, were still a bit shy. 

“They all acted differently when they were taken outdoors and showed once again that they are not mere numbers, as they are considered in laboratories, but individuals with attitudes and personalities…” Rachele Totaro shared.

This sweet baby is experiencing sunlight for the very first time… 


We are so glad these rats and mice are finally experiencing freedom! 


Here in the states, there are no federal laws to protect rats and mice, even though they make up 95 percent of lab animals. That means essentially anything can be done to these animals without labs receiving any type of ramification.

Sadly, most people don’t realize that rats are highly intelligent and emotional animals who share many traits in common with dogs. Those who have cared for a rat know that these little animals are capable of learning tricks, they’re very clean and enjoy nothing more than curling up to snuggle with their humans. Yet, because we only think of these animals serving the “purpose” of working in a lab, most never see these abilities.

It’s time to let animals out of the world’s laboratories. As consumers, we can work to end this cruel practice by looking for products that have a “cruelty-free” label, which signifies products were made without the use of animal tests. The more interest consumers show in cruelty-free products, the more likely that brands and companies will opt to create items that do not involve this outdated practice.


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Image Source: Rachele Totaro/PETA Latino