During one of Good Day Atlanta’s “Pet of the Day” segments (a show that highlights the importance of adopting pets from shelters vs. buying them from pet stores), Mr. Meowgi the frisky little kitty may have gotten a bit too much of the spotlight!

The domestic brown tabby gets a little excited when playing with a cat toy, and decides to show the world some of his greatest gymnastics moves. Unfortunately, his backflip was a little off, and he ends up jumping off the table instead of making the perfect landing.

It’s okay though! Mr. Meowgi was able to shake it – err, cuddle it – off and he ended up A-okay. Despite the minor mishap, we still give his acrobatic performance a 10 out of 10! Although the cat is considered a little too young for adoption at this moment, Mr. Meowgi was taken onto the show to allow cat lovers living in Atlanta the opportunity to think of the little kitten as a new part of their family.