The planet as we know it is changing. As the result of natural fluctuations in the environment as well as man-driven causes such as deforestation  and poaching, the world’s delicate ecosystems are beginning to collapse. We lose about 25,000 species different species every year! And most of them go without a single person noticing.

While there are some species that we just can’t save, there are many more that we can. It is for this reason that National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore is giving endangered species their five minutes of fame through the “Photo Ark,” a picture catalog featuring these stunning species.

Sartore has photographed over 3,200 species for the Ark and he has plans to capture the images of many more. These photographs can be described as nothing short of brilliant, able to capture just how precious these creatures are and how important it is for us to protect them.

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Image Source: Joel Sartore