A handsome dog named Maximus was recently dropped off at the Houston and Harris County Animal Shelter and he has not been doing so well in his new environment. According to the Houston and Harris County Animal Volunteer’s Facebook page, he has several issues that are going to make getting him adopted that much harder.

Not only is he heartworm positive, but he is also nine years old. Senior dogs are among the hardest dogs to adopt out at shelters. You can also see that he is extremely underweight for what the volunteers believe to be a Cane Corso. This is a breed that is known for their stature, strength, and protective nature but look what this sweet boy has been reduced to. It is simply heartbreaking!

While thousands of dogs across the nation are dumped at shelters each day, there are some that take shelter life a lot harder than others. The shelter can be a very scary place for an animal – it’s filled with strange smells and sounds, and often times abandoned animals don’t trust humans very much. Maximus is clearly scared and confused, he didn’t even have a name until the shelter volunteers gave him one.

You can help turn Maximus’ life around by adopting, fostering, sharing the video, or donating here.