Some people should not be allowed to own pets … these helpless animals depend on us for all their needs, and it’s our responsibility to deliver! Like so many others, a dog named Isiah was betrayed in the worst way. Isiah was discovered in rural Georgia by a good Samaritan who saw his heartbreaking condition and knew she had to do something. Apparently, Isiah knew it too as he allowed her to take him without a fight. The amazing team at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called in to take the injured dog under their care, as he had some major medical issues that needed tending to.

Not only did this poor baby have two collars deeply embedded in his neck, but he also has a large mass hanging between the same area. Isiah has received emergency care and is being transferred to the rescue’s Georgia vet partner for close monitoring. According to their Facebook page, this is the worst embedded collar case they have ever seen! The rescue had to sedate the poor pup (that is why he is so lethargic in the video) to perform the painful extraction. Whoever allowed this to happen to Isiah should be criminally charged.


Thankfully, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is working hard to ease his pain – both physically and emotionally. Life will only get better from here Isiah, hang in there!

If you’d like to make a difference for Isiah by making a donation, click here.