Fireworks aren’t for everybody, and especially not our pets. Here is a story from Michigan that serves as a painful reminder of that.

Lenka Perrons was relaxing in his backyard with his family when neighbors set off commercial-grade fireworks that were so loud, it sounded like they were in the Perrons’ own backyard. Dwight, their Greyhound, was so startled by the noise that he ran off. Before the family could react, he had escaped through the gate and injured himself in the process, running at full speed in an attempt to flee the terrifying noise.


Dwight ran so hard and fast that every single pad on each of his paws is completely gone. This must be so painful!

Here he is after having his paws bandaged up. Poor Dwight was so frightened by these fireworks you can still see the fear in his eyes in this picture.


In his terror, Dwight also managed to defecate and urinate on himself, and by the time he got home, he was in desperate need of a good, gentle bath! We wish you well, Dwight, and we hope you make a full recovery soon.

With the Fourth of July approaching, it’s important to remember how terrifying fireworks can be for our pets. They run away from the sound of the fireworks, are scared by the noises and the way the fireworks make the ground shake, and the fireworks themselves can be dangerous and cause injury to these poor defenseless pets. The ASPCA issues advice every year about how to keep your pets happy during fireworks, and we hope the pictures here of poor Dwight will encourage people to think more about the impact those fireworks have.

There are numerous ways to keep our pets calm during fireworks, from exercising them early to wear them out, using herb and flower essences, and taking medications prepared and approved by vets. The Humane Society also suggests safeguarding our pets with collars and IDs in case the worst happens and they do escape in a panic. Fireworks should be fun for those who enjoy them, but when you do, please spare a thought for the pets around you, both yours and your neighbors!

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All Image Source: Lenka Perron/St. Clair Shores Michigan Residents Group